What are the things you do to home or work to trash waste at school or home?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In home, I properly trash my waste through separating it just like in segregating our garbage in school. I usually put some labels in our garbage bin as plastics, papers, bottles and cans and lastly we put grasses or other biodegradable in a compost pit. A product that is produce in a compost pit can help a lot specially to the farmers which the occupation of my father because biodegradable waste results in organic fertilizer that could help a certain plant become healthy. Recycling is one of our plans in school and in our home for the non-biodegradable like empty bottles, cans and plastics. Eventually we can sell it in a junk shop. Therefore in segregating a garbage, it will result in good such as you creating your own fertilizer at the same time you lessen the amount of garbage and you gain money.


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