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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What are the acts of peace and kindness you could do as a gift?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The acts of peace and kindness that I can do as a gift are in showing good attitudes for somebody else and in doing good things not only for you but also for them. Through this, peace and kindness will reign my heart and in this world because being a good person could make someone happy and they will also made it for you. You should always thinks that peacefulness will puts the world in unity for all so you must be humble, respet them as a respect for yourself in order to reach the goal of peace and for just a moment we'll live in this world with peace and unity gift of all proudly and happily

What are the things you do to home or work to trash waste at school or home?

In home, I properly trash my waste through separating it just like in segregating our garbage in school. I usually put some labels in our garbage bin as plastics, papers, bottles and cans and lastly we put grasses or other biodegradable in a compost pit. A product that is produce in a compost pit can help a lot specially to the farmers which the occupation of my father because biodegradable waste results in organic fertilizer that could help a certain plant become healthy. Recycling is one of our plans in school and in our home for the non-biodegradable like empty bottles, cans and plastics. Eventually we can sell it in a junk shop. Therefore in segregating a garbage, it will result in good such as you creating your own fertilizer at the same time you lessen the amount of garbage and you gain money.

What are the things you do to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy?

     To keep myself, others or our planet healthy I will do such thing that could improve them in all manners just life in respecting them just like on how you respect yourself. In the reason that respecting one another could help me, you and even our mother earth in motivating and improving of human kind and living things. First you must do it in yourself even if it is small things or big, someday you will realize that you are putting yourself in good. Just like in doing good habits after that you are creating a good character and then being a good person will happen because good person will reach to a good people and good people will protect and make a strong nation which leads us to a better future including for our planet in good condition.

What are the goals or accomplishments you would like to reach or attain this year?

        My goals or accomplishments which I'd like to reach or attain this year is to graduate in high school peacefully because I'm sure that my parents would be proud of and that's my special goal in my life, to be proud and happy. Including also in taking my college life bringing all of my treasures that could never be stole; Determination, care and love of all the people who influenced me such as my parents, teacher and etc.